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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Dramatic compositions, arranged for enactment, as by actors on a stage.

Found in 690 Collections and/or Records:

Late 15th-century manuscript of an incomplete copy of the verse drama 'Istoire de la destruction de Troye la grant' by Jacques Milet, composed between 1450 and 1452.

Identifier: Adv.MS.19.1.9
Scope and Contents The manuscript is incomplete, containing only the prologue and the first two out of four ‘journées’. There is also a folio missing between folios 8 and 9, containing lines 11-54 of the first `journée`. Three gatherings have been misplaced: folios 253-286 should follow folio 310. Stage directions in French and Latin are placed centrally, not in the margins. Written in one hand throughout. Three spaces were left for decorated initials (folios 1, 8) and there are a few large initials, probably...
Dates: Late 15th century.

Ledgers of Alasdair Gray containing diary entries and drafts of works, with typescripts of 'Fleck' and a file of press cuttings.

 Record Group
Identifier: Acc.13021/1-15
Scope and Contents

Eight ledgers or notebooks contain diary entries, draft letters and literary notes and drafts of stories, poems, plays and the novel 'Old men in love'; with six corrected and annotated typescripts of 'Fleck', a play; and a file of cuttings of reviews of the French edition of 'Lean tales'.

Dates: 1845-2008.

Letter of Sir Theodore Martin to James Maidment.

Identifier: Acc.8187
Scope and Contents

Concerning his own "Madonna Pia: a Tragedy", bound into a copy of the work.

Dates: 1858.

Letters, chiefly addressed to the Reverend John Archibald Glover Thomson, minister of St John's, Hawick., 1895-1935.

Identifier: MS.6295 (x), folios 122-136
Scope and Contents

The letters are from Mary Pigot, 1913, enclosing a letter by Mrs Stevenson, mother of Robert Louis Stevenson, 1895 (folios 122-127); from Donald Carswell, 1928 (folio 129); from Florence MacCunn, 1935 (folio 133); and from A S M Hutchinson, 1935 (folio 135).

At folios 120-121, 128, are newspaper cuttings, concerning a lecture on Lord Braxfield, undated, the death of Robert Louis Stevenson, 1914, and a play by Donald Carswell, 'Count Albany', undated.

Dates: 1895-1935.

Letters of Sir Compton Mackenzie to L E Berman at the Royalty Theatre concerning one-act plays by Sir Compton Mackenzie., [1911], 1928-1930.

Identifier: MS.10795, folios 28-75
Scope and Contents

Also included are the typescripts of two plays, 'Self-consciousness', produced at the Apollo Theatre in 1911, and 'The babes in the zoo', 1930, adapted from the novel ‘Poor relations’.

Dates: Majority of material found within [1911], 1928-1930.

Literary and personal papers of Jo Clifford.

Identifier: Acc.13458
Scope and Contents

Literary and personal papers, c. 1966-2013, of Jo Clifford, comprising mainly playscripts, notebooks and journals. With some earlier family papers including: two travel journals by an unidentified family member, to North Carolina in 1828 and a tour of the United Kingdom and Ireland in 1829; First World War letters of Bertram Clifford, grandfather of Jo Clifford.

Dates: Circa 1966-2013.

Literary manuscripts and personal papers of the poet and art critic, Sydney Goodsir Smith (1915-1975).

Identifier: MSS.26116-26162
Scope and Contents

Born in New Zealand and educated in England, Sydney Goodsir Smith's first poems were in English, but he began writing in Scots in about 1940 and published several volumes of poetry. He also wrote for the stage, radio and television, as well as editing works of Robert Burns and Robert Fergusson. All these interests are reflected in his papers, but his work as an art critic survives in only a few fragmentary items.

Dates: 1922-1980, undated.

Literary papers and correspondence of Henry Mackenzie.

Identifier: Acc.10686
Scope and Contents

Includes manuscript of, notes for and letters, circa 1810, 1812-1821, concerning Mackenzie`s "Life of Home". With manuscript page, undated, of "Douglas" by John Home and a diary, circa 1803, of Home`s journey to Bath with David Hume in 1776.

Dates: circa 1803-1821.

Literary papers and correspondence of the novelist and biographer, Nancy Brysson Morrison (1903-1986).

Identifier: MSS.27287-27373
Scope and Contents

Nancy Brysson Morrison was the sister of Margaret M Morrison, who wrote under the pseudonym 'March Cost', and T J Morrison, the novelist and script-writer. As well as publishing under her own name, she wrote numerous romances under the pseudonym 'Christine Strathern' between 1942 and 1959, but they are not represented among these papers.

Dates: 1918-1986, undated.

Literary papers, correspondence and artwork of Alasdair Gray.

 Record Group
Identifier: Acc.13289/1-109
Scope and Contents This collection includes personal and working papers of Alasdair Gray, with the great majority of the papers concerning 'A Gray play book' (Luath, 2009) and 'A life in pictures' (Canongate, 2009).The 'play book' papers include typescripts from throughout Gray's life of many of the plays which made up the book, as well as annotated proofs, and correspondence concerning the book's production.There are extensive visual materials collated by Gray for the production of 'A...
Dates: 1951-2011.

Literary papers of A L Kennedy, mainly relating to 'What becomes' and 'The blue book'.

Identifier: Acc.13284
Scope and Contents

Literary papers, circa 2009-2011, of A L Kennedy, mainly relating to 'What becomes' (Jonathan Cape, 2009) and 'The blue book' (Jonathan Cape, 2011).

Dates: circa 2009-2011.

Literary papers of George Blake.

Identifier: Acc.11930
Scope and Contents

Includes correspondence, typescripts of novels published and unpublished, play-scripts, a diary of a visit to the United States, first copies of published works of fiction and non-fiction. Also includes notes on Blake, copies of articles by him and correspondence and papers of Christopher Dalgleish accumulated in the course of an uncompleted dissertation.

Dates: 20th century.

Literary papers of John Herdman.

Identifier: Acc.11089
Scope and Contents

Includes literary notebooks, correspondence and manuscripts and typescripts of a novel, a play, short stories, poems, articles and an autobiography.

Dates: 1950-1994.

Literary papers of Joseph Chiari.

Identifier: Acc.13331
Scope and Contents

Literary papers, circa 1937-1989, of Joseph Chiari; includes manuscripts of poetry, prose, plays and non-fiction work, with some correspondence.

Dates: Circa 1937-1989.

Literary papers of Nancy Brysson Morrison., 1924-1975, undated.

Identifier: MSS.27287-27367
Scope and Contents

Notes for and some manuscripts of Nancy Brysson Morrison's books and shorter works.

Dates: 1924-1975, undated.

Literary papers of Naomi Mitchison.

Identifier: Acc.5912
Scope and Contents

Including manuscripts and corrected typescripts of plays, stories, and essays.

Dates: circa 1929-circa 1970.