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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Documents that are publicly announced or officially declared; especially a public notice by an official of some order, intended action, or state of facts.

Found in 25 Collections and/or Records:

Collection of state papers of the reigns of James VI and Charles I made by Sir James Balfour of Denmilne, Lord Lyon King of Arms.

Identifier: Adv.MSS.33.1.1-33.1.15
Scope and Contents

The collection is known both as the `Denmilne State Papers` and the `Denmilne Collection`. Less formally it is often referred to as the `Denmilne Manuscripts`.

Dates: 1548-1641.

Copies, 1636-1637, of documents and notes of Sir James Balfour on ecclesiastical history.

Identifier: Adv.MS.33.2.32
Scope and Contents The description of the manuscript in the folio catalogue (F.R.186) includes the reference: W.4.16.The contents are as follows: (i) Copies of commissions, 1626, passing under the great seal (page 1); (ii) Several proclamations, 1626 (page 13); (iii) Names of the Sheriffs, Stewards, and Bailies of Scotland, 1606 (page 24); (iv) Articles and other documents concerning the commission anent tiends (page 28); (v) Documents connected with the introduction of the Service Book, 1637,...
Dates: 1st half of 17th century.

Miscellaneous Corsican papers concerning the 1st Earl of Minto., 1793-1798, undated.

Identifier: MS.11214
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series:

The papers contain nearly all of the 1st Earl of Minto's papers concerning Toulon, many concerning Corsica. MSS.11215-11217 contain a substantial amount of material relating to émigrees from Toulon as well as Corsica

Dates: 1793-1798, undated.

Miscellaneous letters, including one of the Comte de Mirabeau to Gilbert Elliot, 1st Earl of Minto., 1784-1877.

Identifier: MS.19574
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) A letter of Honoré Gabriel Riquetti, Comte de Mirabeau, to Gilbert Elliot, later 1st Earl of Minto, 1784, written during a period of residence by Mirabeau in England (folio 1);(ii) A letter to and a note of the 1st Earl, undated, with a printed proclamation as Governor-General, Madras, September 1809, concerning the Courts Martial of the Madras Army officer mutineers (folio 3);(iii) Miscellaneous letters, some fragmentary...
Dates: 1784-1877.

Miscellaneous papers which belonged to Sir William Fraser, Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath.

Identifier: MS.90
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i-iv) Four printed proclamations, etc., 1708, 1710, 1714 (folio 1);(v) Obligation by Patrick Hamilton and other inhabitants of Arran to provide levies, etc., for the defence of the religion, laws, and liberties of the Kirk and Kingdom whenever desired by the Earl of Argyll, 1639 (folio 6);(vi) Extract registered bond by Sir Alexander Irvine of Drum to the Committee of Estates to observe the National Covenant, 1641 (folio 8);...
Dates: 1590-1838.

Photocopies of correspondence of Scottish settlers and traders in Jamaica., 1699-1846.

Identifier: MS.50276
Scope and Contents Letter, 1813, of Rear Admiral W Brown to Robert Dundas, Viscount Melville, concerning naval protection for the West India trade (folio 1).Letter, 1795, of Bryan Edwards to Henry Dundas concerning the Haitian Revolution and a possible British invasion of St Domingo (folio 8).Letter, 1762, of Alan Cameron to an unnamed correspondent concerning a possible meeting in Port au Prince (folio 9).Letter, 1735, of Henry Cunningham to Spencer Compton, Viscount...
Dates: 1699-1846.

Photocopies of papers concerning Scots and the West Indies.

Identifier: MSS.50273-50276
Scope and Contents

Photocopies of correspondence of and concerning Scots in Jamaica, including letters of the Earl of Balcarres, the Fyffe family and other Scots in Jamaica.

Typewritten lists concenring materials of Scottish interest in the National Library of Jamaica, formerly the West India Reference Library.

Typewritten list of Scottish place names in Jamaica.

Dates: 1699; 1735-1846.

Printed and other miscellaneous material, chiefly relating to military matters., 1834-1863, undated.

Identifier: MS.2877, (i)-(xix), (xxi)
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows.(i) ‘Proclamation for a Tournament’, held at Corfu, 1834, in Greek, English, and Italian.(ii) Proclamation relating to the Rebecca Riots in Brecon, 1843.(iii) ‘Rules and Regulations to be observed on the occupation of cells of approved construction’, issued by the Adjutant-General, November 1844.(iv) ‘Exercise with Heavy Shot, as a means of enforcing a sentence of hard labour’, undated.Numbers (iii) and...
Dates: 1834-1863, undated.

Proclamation to the people of Great Britain, issued by Prince Charles Edward as Regent for his father, before raising his Royal Standard, initialled C P R and dated in the Prince's hand, Paris, 16 May 1745.

Identifier: MS.2916
Scope and Contents

The proclamation is preceded by a copy of Prince James Edward's commission appointing Prince Charles Regent, Rome, 23rd December 1743, counter-signed by the latter 'Charles P.R.', and bearing his seal as Prince Regent.

This is the original manuscript, the lay-out of which is exactly followed in the printed copies.

It is accompanied by a note on its history, 1887.

Dates: 1745.

State papers collected by Sir James Balfour of Denmilne, volume 6: letters and papers, ?1608-1621 (chiefly 1615), undated., ?1608-1621, undated.

Identifier: Adv.MS.33.1.1 [vi]
Scope and Contents The volume is entitled ‘Staite bussines for the yeir 1615. Reg. Ja. 6’, and is marked ‘A.2.43’ and ’40 Denmilme’.Many of the letters are to John Murray. Subjects include foreign trade, the Isles, and Ireland.The contents are as follows.(i) Letter of Sir Rory McLeod of Harris to James VI, on the subject of the former’s claims to Sleat, North Uist and other lands disputed between him and Donald Gorme of Sleat. The signature is in the Gaelic character. Dated...
Dates: ?1608-1621, undated.

State papers collected by Sir James Balfour of Denmilne, volume 13: papers., ?1639-1641, undated.

Identifier: Adv.MS.33.1.1 [xiii]
Scope and Contents

Documents concerning political events, especially the Scots army at Newcastle and affairs in the English Parliament. Some printed ballads and letters to Sir James Balfour are included.

Dates: ?1639-1641, undated.

State papers collected by Sir James Balfour of Denmilne, volumes 1-13: letters and papers on various topics., 1560-1641, undated.

Identifier: Adv.MS.33.1.1 (i)-(xiii)
Scope and Contents From the Collection:

The collection is known both as the `Denmilne State Papers` and the `Denmilne Collection`. Less formally it is often referred to as the `Denmilne Manuscripts`.

Dates: 1560-1641, undated.

“Swinton’s kirk MSS”, a collection of original 17th-century Scottish historical documents, and of copies, 18th century.

Identifier: Adv.MSS.31.2.18-20
Scope and Contents

The papers appear to have belonged to Lord Swinton, and may be the collection of the Reverend Samuel Semple, Swinton’s maternal grandfather (cf. FES i, 172).

Dates: 17th century.

“Swinton’s kirk MSS”, a collection of Scottish historical documents, for the most part copies from the Cotton Library, originally labelled ‘Kirk manuscripts B’., 17th century.

Identifier: Adv.MS.31.2.19
Scope and Contents A collection copied by various hands without sufficient accuracy, possibly for Matthew Crawford.The contents are as follows: (i) Letter, 3 May 1582, of Sir John Foster to Secretary Walsingham. (ii) Advertisement out of Scotland, 22 June 1582. (iii) Letter, 20 August 1582, of the Queen of England to the King of Scotland. (iv) Depositions of George Douglas sent the 14 September from Stirling, and received the 20 September at Windsor. ‘Septr. 28 1582’. (v) The heads whereof George...
Dates: 17th century.

Two proclamations of the magistrates of Leith, calling out the trained bands of South Leith., 1715, 1745.

Identifier: MS.292
Scope and Contents

One is dated 1 November 1715, and is signed by Archibald Wallace, Baillie, and Gil Mathison, Baillie, with certificate of proclamation by tuck of drum, signed by ‘Nicoll Whytlaw, Officer’, 1 November 1715; the other is dated 4 September 1745, and is signed by Walter Scott.

Dates: 1715, 1745.

Volume of works relating to Scots law chiefly in hands of the late seventeenth century., Late 15th century-early 18th century.

Identifier: MS.3171
Scope and Contents The volume contains three sections, written by different persons.(i) The Law Repertory of Sir Thomas Wallace of Craigie (folio 1). The text contains several differences from the copies of this work in Adv.MS.24.3.2 and MS.943. In other hands, some more modern, are: a note stating that the work 'is thought to have bein done by Sir Thomas Wallace of Craigy, lately on of the Lords of Session, & compiled by him for his readier use when he was ane Advocat' (folio 1); occasional...
Dates: Late 15th century-early 18th century.