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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Religious discourses delivered as part of a church service, usually delivered from a pulpit, based upon a text of scripture, and with the purpose of giving religious instruction or exhortation.

Found in 388 Collections and/or Records:

Miscellaneous literary papers and poems, mostly by members of the family of Mure of Caldwell., 1740-1778.

Identifier: MS.5003
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) An 'Essay on the change of manners in my own time, 1700-1790' by Elizabeth Mure, sister of Baron Mure (folio 1);(ii) Memoranda written by Baron Mure at Leyden, 1740 (folio 18);(iii) "Anecdotes relating to Scots troops in the service of the state’s General of the United Provinces" by Colonel J Stuart (folio 77);(vi) Copy in an eighteenth-century hand of a handbill on James Crichton, 'The Admirable Crichton',...
Dates: 1740-1778.

Miscellaneous manuscripts, chiefly theological and political., 1590-18th century.

Identifier: MS.2201
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows.(i) 'The Compt of the Cunze', a record of coins minted from 1588 to 1590, Edinburgh, 1590; endorsed in 1592 by John Mawer, a clerk in the Exchequer. (Folio 1.)(ii) Latin treatise on kingship and foreign policy, citing instances of French kings, in a hand of the late sixteenth or early seventeenth century. Leaves are missing at the beginning, after folio 32, and perhaps at the end. On folio 29 is the name of Dame Mergarit Petfoure. (Folio...
Dates: 1590-18th century.

Miscellaneous material., 1608-circa 1801.

Identifier: MS.3979
Scope and Contents

The contents include: a sermon of Principal William Robertson (folio 11), notes made by Lord Robertson for 'Account of the life and writings of William Robertson, D.D.' (folio 22), and papers concerning Ceylon (folios 28-38).

Dates: 1608-circa 1801.

Miscellaneous papers collected by James Burnett, Lord Monboddo., 18th century.

Identifier: MSS.24593-24595
Scope and Contents From the Series:

James Burnett, Lord Monboddo, was appointed a Senator of the College of Justice in 1767. A large part of the papers consist of his essays, drafts and notes, many of which were used in his books.

Dates: 18th century.

Miscellaneous papers of John Pinkerton., Late 18th century-early 19th century.

Identifier: MS.1711
Scope and Contents

The contents comprise materials relating to John Pinkerton's collections of poetry (folio 1), edition of Barbour (folio 29), geographical works (folio 35), mineralogy (folio 104), ‘Recollections of Paris’ (folio 129), etc.; plans for works which were not subsequently carried out (folio 153); original poems (folio 164); and miscellaneous matter (folio 173).

Dates: Late 18th century-early 19th century.

Notebook belonging to William Rankin, James Rankin, and, finally, to Gabriel Rankin of Orchardhead.

Identifier: MS.6159
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) Memoranda relating to financial and other transactions of Rankin of Orchardhead, 1605 (folio 1); 1605-1609 (folio 2 inverted);(ii) Miscellaneous material, mid-seventeenth century: 'Lactari cordato et greca lingua studioso' (folio 4); latin verses (folio 12 inverted); sermons and historical notes (folio 13 inverted);(iii) Material relating to Alexander Mure, portioner of Grange of Bothkennar: 'Rentall of the Bacraw', 1639,...
Dates: 1605-1725.

Notebook containing a chronicle of events in Scotland from the landing of Charles II in 1650 to the prohibition of official church meetings, 1661., 1614-1664.

Identifier: MS.3159
Scope and Contents

The book also contains parts of Dell's sermon given in MS.3160 (inside front and back covers), part of a sermon of 'Mr. George Hutchisone', probably the Minister of Irvine (folio xiii verso), a note of the date of a disposition and assignation made by Christine Rollo to George Cockburne of Piltoun, 1664 (folio ii), a medical recipe and other medical notes (folios ii-iii), mention of a star seen in daylight, 1649 (folio iv verso), a list of game dated 1614 (folio vi), and other material.

Dates: 1614-1664.

Notebook containing chiefly sermons and summaries of sermons., 17th century.

Identifier: MS.3160
Scope and Contents

The notebook contains: 'The heads of a sermon called Right Reformation preached by Mr. Dell at a fast befor the Parl of England at Westminster, 1650' (folio 1), and summaries of sermons of Mungo Law (folios 5 verso, 12), Andrew Steuart, perhaps Stewart, Minister of Penninghame (folio 8), and Robert Traill (folio 9). The book also contains a medical recipe and one for making ink (folio 1), and lines of verse beginning, 'Love not the world, the world is vaine' (folio 1 verso).

Dates: 17th century.

Notebook containing twelve sermons for use at Communion.

Identifier: MS.9351
Scope and Contents

Each sermon is followed by notes of the occasions on which it was delivered, from which it appears that the owner was an itinerant preacher working mainly in East Fife, 1817-1845, but with a few visits to Edinburgh and Glasgow. There is also a record of the numbers of communicants from 1814 to 1841 (folio i verso).

Dates: 1814-1845.