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Watercolours. Paintings.

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Refers to two-dimensional works of art, usually on a paper support, to which pigment suspended in water is applied with a brush to create an image or design.

Found in 203 Collections and/or Records:

Folder with miscellaneous drawings and watercolours., Mid 19th century.

Identifier: Acc.13827/345
Scope and Contents From the Fonds: The papers cover six centuries worth of family and estate papers of the Forbes, the Stuart Forbes, and the Trefusis families. Alexander de Forbes (c.1380-1448) was created the 1st Lord Forbes around 1440, the Lords Forbes of Pitsligo were descended from Sir William Forbes, brother of Alexander. The title was created in 1633 for Alexander Forbes (d.1636). His descendant Alexander Forbes, 4th Lord Forbes of Pitsligo (1678-1762) forfeited his estates following his support for the Jacobites in...
Dates: Mid 19th century.

Four landscapes by John Harden., 1809, 1832, undated.

Identifier: MS.8868
Scope and Contents

One of the landscapes is a water-colour of Trinity College Chapel, Edinburgh, with the old North Bridge in the background, while the remaining three are drawings of the Firth of Forth, seen either from Lauriston or Queensferry.

Dates: 1809, 1832, undated.

Four large plans of the estate of Pitfirrane., 1764-1861.

Identifier: MS.6510
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows.A Plan of The United Estates of Pitfirrane, Knockhouse and Pitdinnies in the Parishes of Dunfermline and Carnock and Shire of Fife. By Rot. Scotland. 1764. 79 x 107 cm. Ink. Robert Scotland. (Part 1.)A Design for the Improvement of Pitfirrane, the Seat of Sir Charles Halkett, Bart., by T. White. 1801. 96 x 119 cm. Watercolour. T White. (Part 2.)Plan of Pitfirrane Policy. Thomas Carfrae, Edinburgh, Surveyor. 1838. 84 x 119...
Dates: 1764-1861.

Four scrapbooks of Admiral Lord Mark Kerr.

Identifier: Acc.9527
Scope and Contents

Contains watercolours and pen and pencil sketches, mostly grotesques and cartoons but with some landscape and architectural drawings.

Dates: circa 1815-1840.

Friendship album in which are illustrated the likes and dislikes of various contributors.

Identifier: Acc.14130
Scope and Contents A friendship or confession album in which are illustrated the likes and dislikes of various contributors. Several of the identifiable contributors are Scottish and others have links to Liverpool. Only 13 of the pre-printed album pages have been filled in. Contributors include:A M Brancker, probably Anne Mary Harrison (fl 1845-1901), née Brancker.D M Brancker, probably Dorette Maude Harris (1852-1924), née Brancker H J Brancker, probably Helen...
Dates: 1873-1875.

Gaelic journal of Dugald MacNicol., 1809-1813

Identifier: MS.14850
Scope and Contents A journal written in Gaelic, begun when Dugald MacNicol (1791-1844), had received his army commission and travelled to Barbados. Dated on the inside front cover: "1809 & 1810 & 1811 & 1812 & 1813". Formerly Acc.2152/1.The contents are:Journal in Gaelic, describing Dugald MacNicol's travels with companions and the voyage to Barbados. Folios 1-15.Folios 16-27 are blank.Three watercolour paintings of unidentified landscape views...
Dates: 1809-1813

Geological sketchbook of John Francis Campbell for the most part containing annotated rock rubbings made on his travels in Great Britain, along with various other geological notes and sketches., 1862-1864.

Identifier: Adv.MS.50.3.23
Scope and Contents The volume begins by describing several visits Campbell made to mines in Wales and the South of England while he was involved in collecting information and witnesses for the Mines` Commission, of which he was Secretary, in 1863 (folios 3-17). There are also a few watercolours made on a visit to Ireland in 1863 (folios 19 verso-30).One or two letters have been inserted in the volume, mainly from Sir Kenneth S Mackenzie of Gairloch and his gamekeeper, 1863-1864, and a few press...
Dates: 1862-1864.

'Glenfishie game book 1834 to 1841’, containing records of game killed and disposed of., 1834-1841.

Identifier: MS.15152
Scope and Contents

The volume contains an index of sportsmen taking part in the shoots (folios 89) compiled by Edward Charles Ellice of Invergarry. Ellice was probably responsible for pasting the many drawings by Katherine Jane Ellice and several by Edwin Landseer (including an illustrated letter (folios 26-29)) and other guests (which appear to have been cut out of a sketch-book) on blank leaves cut out from the book and tipped in elsewhere throughout the volume.

Dates: 1834-1841.

‘Holiday house’ (Edinburgh, 1839) by Catherine Sinclair, stories for children, with watercolour illustrations by the author inserted.

Identifier: MS.24640
Scope and Contents

The drawings appear to have been cut from the original manuscript: the names of the characters differ from those in the published version. There is an inscription by the author, dated 1838 [sic], on the title-page.

Dates: [1839, or after.]

Illustrated diary of Mary Cumming Bruce.

Identifier: Acc.14228
Scope and Contents Diary of Mary Elma Cumming Bruce (later Anstruther) from September 1889 to February 1890, which contains details of family, friends and parties during the time she spent mainly in Forres and Dunphail.There are numerous illustrations of members of her circle, local people, landscapes and sketches of various scenes including dancing, women with umbrellas, a game of tiddlywinks, a woman playing the piano and men waiting to vote entitled 'Morayshire voters'.Some of the...
Dates: 1889-1890.

Illustrated travel journal of Samuel Jolly.

Identifier: Acc.11734
Scope and Contents

Contains watercolours and pencil drawings of Scottish Highland scenery.

Dates: 1827.

Journal and scrapbook of John Francis Campbell in which he mainly describes his travels in Ireland from July to October 1872., 1872.

Identifier: Adv.MS.50.4.7
Scope and Contents The journal is illustrated with watercolour and pencil sketches, photographs and rock-rubbings. Throughout, Campbell stresses the geological aspects of the places visited, particularly with regard to glaciation, and at the end of the volume his printed pamphlet ‘On the Glaciation of Ireland’ is inserted. There are also several letters to Campbell from various correspondents, 1872, and at the beginning of the volume several press cuttings relating to Gaelic literature and the Ossianic...
Dates: 1872.

Journal and sketchbook of John Francis Campbell recording his travels and interests., 1879-1880.

Identifier: Adv.MS.50.5.6
Scope and Contents The volume falls roughly into two sections:(i) Experiments in and notes on Thermography, a subject in which Campbell became increasingly interested towards the end of his life.As a result of his experiments with the sun`s rays, he published several pamphlets, two of which are included in this volume:‘Time Scales Horizontal and Vertical’ (folio 169) and “Campbell`s Registering Sun-Dial” (folio 152). There are also notes, diagrams and cuttings relating to...
Dates: 1879-1880.

"Journal of a few days from home in the summer of 1856 with selected poetry and songs".

Identifier: MS.9233
Scope and Contents The author was born near Dover, and describes himself as a 'middle class man engaged in the business of life', possibly a doctor or lawyer. After a brief stay in Edinburgh, he visited Perth, Bannockburn, Callander, Inversnaid, Glasgow, Oban, Inveraray, and Rothesay, and returned again to Glasgow. The text is interspersed with poetry and songs, and is profusely illustrated with floral cut-outs, small prints, and water-colours, mainly of views. Three pages and some of the illustrations have...
Dates: 1856.

Journal of a tour in Switzerland and Italy, entitled 'Alpine Log No.1, 1860'., 1864.

Identifier: MS.6343
Scope and Contents A preface at folio iv, signed by 'G.B.', a member of the London Alpine Club, explains that the journal was written four years after the tour had taken place.There is a table of contents at folio v and an itinerary at folio vi.The journal, which is mostly concerned with the climbing activities of the writer and two of his relatives, is divided into chapters, and illustrated by an Alpine photograph, some water-colours and pen-and-ink drawings, some of which are in the...
Dates: 1864.

‘Journal of a trip to the Island of Gottland, Sweden, Denmark, &c., &c., with Some Correspondence, and Remarks upon the Capabilities of that Island as a Field for Emigration, by John Shedden Dobie'.

Identifier: MS.1804
Scope and Contents

The author was one of a party who made a tour of inspection of Gottland in connection with a scheme, promoted by Robert Chambers, the publisher, to settle British farmers there. Their report was entirely adverse. The volume includes a printed prospectus of the scheme, relevant newspaper articles, and correspondence with Chambers, 1850, and is illustrated with several water-colour sketches.

Dates: 1850.

'Journal of an expedition to Shetland in 1834' and 'Journal of a visit to & residence in the Shetland Islands in 1832', by Edward Charlton, both written up in 1843.

Identifier: MS.3037
Scope and Contents

The work describes the scenery, natural history, customs, history, superstitions, and antiquities of Zetland, and is illustrated by water-colours and pencil drawings by the author, T M Richardson (perhaps the Younger), George Richardson, and others.

An obituary notice of Edward Charlton has been inserted at the end.

Dates: 1832-1834.

Journal of John Francis Campbell in which he continues his account of his visit to America in 1874 and goes on to describe his travels through Japan, China, Java and Ceylon in 1875., 1874-1875.

Identifier: Adv.MS.50.4.10
Scope and Contents From the Series:

The volumes reflect, in his detailed descriptions, watercolours and sketches, Campbell’s interest in people, art, science and sport. In the later journals, his interest in geology and meteorology predominates, with particular emphasis on the effects of glaciation observed in various countries.

The sketches usually occur in chronological sequence with notes below each giving the date, place and other additional information.

Dates: 1874-1875.