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Watercolours. Paintings.

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Refers to two-dimensional works of art, usually on a paper support, to which pigment suspended in water is applied with a brush to create an image or design.

Found in 203 Collections and/or Records:

Journal of John Francis Campbell, kept while travelling in Norway, Russia and Italy, 1873-1874, and illustrated with a number of photographs and watercolours., 1873-1874.

Identifier: Adv.MS.50.4.8
Scope and Contents Campbell’s description of his visit to Italy dwells particularly on Mount Vesuvius and on the works of art he saw in Rome and Florence.Near the beginning of the volume he discusses Gaelic literature and meteorology with accompanying diagrams and cuttings.A little correspondence for 1874 and several printed items including copies of Campbell’s ‘On the Glaciation of Ireland’ (folio 3) and ‘About Polar Glaciation’ (folio 28) have been inserted at the front of the...
Dates: 1873-1874.

Journal of John Francis Campbell written while he was travelling in the West of Scotland collecting Gaelic folklore., 1870-1871.

Identifier: Adv.MS.50.2.2

Journal of Mrs Beecroft, describing a tour by her daughter and herself through France and Switzerland, setting out from Norwich., 1822.

Identifier: MS.6338
Scope and Contents The journal is illustrated by water-colour drawings of national costume (folios iv verso-v verso) and scenery (folios 93-94 verso, 143, 152 verso), pen-and-ink sketches of the ladies with their guides and mules (folios 60, 82 verso), maps and plans of mountain ranges (folios vi verso, 57, 138, 153), and an engraving of Dover Castle (folio 7). According to an index of illustrations (folio x verso) some drawings are missing. There are also lists of places visited in chronological order (folio...
Dates: 1822.

Journal of Nicolas Servant, Chevalier de Romainval.

Identifier: Adv.MS.23.3.1
Scope and Contents The author was serving as a lieutenant on board the `Pontchartrain`, a 56-gun vessel of the Compagnie Royale des Indes Orientales, bound from Lorient to Surat in Bombay, and on board the `Aurore` on his return to France. He kept the journal for the entertainment of an unnamed French lady, and although he recorded the distances covered, wind directions, etc., most of the journal concerns life on board, with lively descriptions of the passengers and of local customs in Africa and especially in...
Dates: 1698-1700.

Journal of William Thomson, Deputy Commissary-General of Stores to the Forces, during a tour in France and Holland, apparently on a pleasure trip., 1818.

Identifier: MS.6334
Scope and Contents The journal shows an interest in social conditions after the Restoration, in interior decoration and furnishing, and in paintings; he gives descriptions and lists of pictures in the Louvre and elsewhere, and has made sketch copies of a few (folios 30 verso-31, 82 verso). This volume is in two parts, consisting of Thomson's visit to Paris, and his tour in Holland; they are connected by the account of a journey through Belgium which includes a long description of the country surrounding...
Dates: 1818.

Journal of William Thomson, Deputy Commissary-General of Stores to the Forces, during a tour in Northern Germany, while in performance of his duties., 1813-1814.

Identifier: MS.6333
Scope and Contents

This journal is divided into the journal proper (page 1) and 'General Observations' (page 45) on the characteristics and social conditions of the Germans immediately after the Napoleonic wars; it is illustrated by a water-colour drawing of a coastal scene (folio vii) and three printed plates showing costumes and cries of German street vendors (folios ix-xii).

Dates: 1813-1814.

Lady Louisa Stuart's ballad, "Ugly Meg, or, The Robber's Wedding" ('Muckle-mouthed Meg'), in Sir Walter Scott's hand.

Identifier: MS.3531
Scope and Contents

The ballad is undated, but is written on paper watermarked 1805.

There are some words and phrases in another hand in places where the original writing has been deleted.

With a frontispiece in watercolour and a tailpiece in pencil.

Dates: [1805, or after.]

Large scale plans and diagrams of Patrick Geddes., Late 19th century-early 20th century.

Identifier: MS.10656
Scope and Contents

The items are for the most part undated. They chiefly consist of sociological diagrams of the 'Thinking machine' type, with several biological and town-planning diagrams and drawings. Also included is a watercolour sketch plan of the Paris Exhibition of 1900 (no. 44), designs for New Crosby Hall, Chelsea (nos. 51-53), and plans for properties at Roseburn Cliff and Mount Tabor.

Dates: Late 19th century-early 20th century.

Letter of Ensign Robert Hamilton Montgomerie, 24th Foot, whilst at Wazirabad, to James L Gordon, Brechin.

Identifier: Acc.8854
Scope and Contents

Describing his life in India, and containing a watercolour sketch of his house.

Dates: 1851.

Letters and journals sent to Lady Anna Maria Elliot., 1807-1811.

Identifier: MS.11102
Scope and Contents

The journals contain pencil and pen and watercolour sketches, and some verses, and were sent by Captain (later Major-General Sir) Thomas William Taylor, Military Secretary to the 1st Earl of Minto in India, to Lady Anna Maria Elliot. They describe the journey of the Minto party to India, their life and travel there, the voyage in the invasion fleet to Java via Penang and Malacca, the British conquest and occupation of the Dutch colonies, and life in Java.

Dates: 1807-1811.

Letters of Richard Baird Smith to his sister Helen, his wife Florence, daughter of Thomas De Quincey, and other members of the family., 1843-1861, undated.

Identifier: MS.10983
Scope and Contents The early letters describe the scenery and people of India and mention Richard Baird Smith’s work on canals and his part in the Sikh war of 1848. There is a long series of letters to his wife, written almost daily from December 1856 to March 1857, which give details of his activities and comment on current events while he was travelling from Delhi to Agra, Gwalior, Cawnpore and Roorkee. A second, more fragmentary, series covers the period December 1857-February 1858. Also included are a...
Dates: 1843-1861, undated.

Literary papers of Jen Hadfield.

Identifier: Acc.14031

Manuscript entitled, 'Description of the north coast of Scotland' [cover], in which is recorded a survey by Captain Henry Charles Otter of the coastline, landscape and localities., 1844.

Identifier: Acc.14226/1
Scope and Contents The survey describes in detail the coast from Thurso to Cape Wrath, via Sandside, the Kyle of Tongue, Loch Eriboll and the Kyle of Durness. It covers subjects such as harbours, prevailing winds, ferries, the landscape, fishing, flora and wildlife, as well as the local economy, history and customs.Included are pencil and watercolour illustrations of 'Captn Slater's Monu[ment]', 'Hillim Inn from Camesendown Anchorage', 'Entrance of Loch Eriboll', 'Anchorage of Camesendown', 'Kyle...
Dates: 1844.

Manuscript narrative poem, "Days of Chivalry, or Adelaide and Ethelbert" by John Clark.

Identifier: Acc.11766
Scope and Contents

Illustrated with watercolours.

Dates: circa 1830-1840.

Manuscript of “Gaël Albanich” by William Forbes Skene (1809-1892), containing a history of the Highland clans.

Identifier: MSS.14896-14897
Scope and Contents

The manuscript, dated 1st March 1834, was the winning entry in a competition of the Highland Society of London for the best essay on the history of the Highland Clans. It is illustrated in pen and ink and in watercolours.

Dates: 1834.