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15 letters of Walter Scott to Mrs Pascoe.

Identifier: Acc.2568- is now MS.5317.

15 letters to or concerning W A Thomson.

Identifier: Acc.5104- is now MS.10997, ff 272-292.

15 stereoscopic photographs of Scottish scenes.

Identifier: Acc.11919
Scope and Contents

Taken by members of the Stereoscopic Society of which R W Copeman was President. The versos bear technical notes.

Dates: 1901-1915.

15th-century book of hours, according to the Use of Paris, written in France.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.8.12
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) Calendar in French in red and black. Entries in red include Saints Eloi (24 June) and Marcel (3 November) (folio 2).(ii) Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary (folio 14).(iii) Penitential Psalms and Litany (folio 54).(iv) Hours of the Cross (folio 72).(v) Hours of the Holy Ghost (folio 76).(vi) Office of the Dead (folio 79 verso).(vii) The Sept Requestes and a hymn to the Cross in...
Dates: 15th century.

15th-century book of hours, according to the Use of Paris, written in France.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.8.13
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) Calendar in French, in red, blue and gold (folio 1). Entries in gold include Saints Genevieve (3 January), Stephen (3 August), Lupus and Giles (1 September) and Denis (9 October). St Martial appears in red on 26 July.(ii) Sequences of the Gospels (folio 14).(iii) `Obsecro te` (in the masculine form), `O intemerata` (in the feminine form) and suffrages to St Sebastian. (folio 20 verso)(iv) Hours of the Blessed...
Dates: 15th century.

15th-century book of hours, according to the Use of Rome, written in Italy.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.8.15
Scope and Contents The contents are as follows:(i) Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary (folio 1). The Te Deum at Matins is replaced by the canticle ‘Te matrem laudamus’. The Hours are followed (folio 77 verso) by the same office for Advent.(ii) Gradual and Penitential Psalms (folio 95 verso).(iii) Litany and prayers (folio 128).(iv) Office of the Dead (folio 141 verso).(v) Hours of the Cross (folio 199 verso).(vi) Office of the Cross (folio...
Dates: 15th century.

15th-century English manuscript containing three Middle English texts: 'Liber maundevyle'; the chivalric poem 'Sir Cleges'; and, 'De regimine principum' by Thomas Hoccleve.

Identifier: Adv.MS.19.1.11
Scope and Contents The contents of the manuscript are as follows:(i) ‘Liber maundevyle` (folio 1). The manuscript belongs to sub-group E of the Defective Version on which the earliest editions were based (`English manuscripts of Mandeville`s Travels`, pages 169-171). Several leaves are missing, containing the end of the prologue and beginning of chapter 1 (after folio 1), chapters 6-9 (after folio 10), and the end of chapter 32 onwards.(ii) `Sir Cleges` (folio 71). ‘The Index of Middle...
Dates: 15th century.

15th century Italian manuscript of works by Cicero

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.5.15
Scope and Contents The contents of the manuscript are as follows:'Laelius de amicitia' (folio 1); 'Cato Maior de senectute' (folio 25); and,'Paradoxa Stoicorum' (folio 47) (49 'infinite'-end is lost). The text shows a great many variants, especially changes of order and small omissions, from that of the older manuscripts. On folio 1 is a gold initial with white vine-stem decoration, filled with green and lilac and surrounded with blue. Other initials...
Dates: 15th century.

15th-century manuscript containing 'De remediis utriusque fortunae' of Adrianus Carthusiensis, incorporating passages from the 'De remediis utriusque fortunae' of Petrarch.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.7.1
Scope and Contents The place of production of this manuscript is unclear. The volume is the work of one scribe, in a hand which Nicholas Mann has described as a Germanic gothic bookhand. The work is written in one column of 27 lines to a page. Mann has dated this manuscript to the first half of the 15th century. The work itself contains an abridged and revised version of the second book of the 'De remediis utriusque fortunae', compiled from Petrarch's 'De remediis utriusque fortunae' and Adrianus...
Dates: 1st half of the 15th century.

15th-century manuscript containing 'De vero et falso bono' of Bartolomeo Platina in the hand of Bartolomeo Sanvito.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.7.16
Scope and Contents Manuscript produced in Italy, either in late 1471 or early 1472, after the election of Sixtus IV to the Papacy. The work is a dedication copy to Pope Sixtus IV of a moral treatise, consisting of three dialogues written by Bartolomeo Sacchi, more commonly known as Bartolomeo Platina. This is the second version of the dialogue, with an earlier version called 'De falso ac vero bono' dedicated to Pope Paul II. The work starts with a dedication to Sixtus IV by Bartolomeo Platina on...
Dates: [?1471-?1472]

15th-century manuscript containing saints' lives and other religious material.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.2.3
Scope and Contents Manuscript produced in the Low Countries containing hagiographies and other religious material. The work is written in double columns of varying lengths, except for folio 7r which is a single block of text. The manuscript appears to be the work of one hand and is written in a minuscule cursive script.The manuscript dates from the 15th century. Given the watermark evidence and the establishment date of the Charterhouse, this date could possibly be narrowed down to sometime between...
Dates: 15th century.

15th-century manuscript containing the first statutes of the Ordre de Saint-Michel drawn up in 1469, but not those of 1476.

Identifier: Adv.MS.31.7.15
Scope and Contents The statutes (folio 5) are preceded by a list of their articles (folio 1). There are lacunae in the text following folios 14 and 16. Written in littera bastarda. Ruling in red ink. Folios 4 and 25 blank but ruled. Initials in gold on red and blue grounds. On folio 5 is a large miniature of the French king, crowned and wearing the collar of the Order, seated on a throne. There are no figures of other members of the Order. The arms of France, surrounded by the collar of the Order,...
Dates: 1469-1476.

15th-century manuscript containing the 'Oratio in die cinerum apud Pium Papam Secundum' of Giovanni Antonio Campano, and the 'De ira Dei', 'De opificio Dei', and 'De fenice ave' of Lactantius.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.7.14
Scope and Contents 15th-century manuscript produced in France. The work can be dated to after 1458 due to the mention of Pope Pius II in the rubric of 'Oratio in die Cinerum'.The manuscript is the work of one scribe and is written in littera textualis with 28 lines to a page. The contents are as follows:Vellum flyleaf with possible ownership inscription. Folio 1.Vellum flyleaf with title inscription. This folio has probably been repurposed as it was once facing a...
Dates: Late 15th century.

15th-century manuscript containing various legal works: an index to the works of Bartolus de Saxoferrato; the 'Allegationes' of Lapo da Castiglionchio the Elder, abbreviated by Anthonius de Butrio; the 'Canonum Collectio' of Pseudo-Isidore.

Identifier: Adv.MS.10.1.5
Scope and Contents 15th-century manuscript containing various legals works. Dolezalek dates the work to after 1440, and its place of production as Italy due to the style of hands and decoration. The inscription on folio 381v suggests that the manuscript was probably complete and together by 1483. Borland suggests that the place of production may be Spain, based on the hand on folios 267r-382r.Each work is written in double columns of varying length, normally around 62 lines per column. The majority...
Dates: 15th century, after 1440.

15th-century manuscript of 'Collationes' attributed to Robert Holcot.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.4.4
Scope and Contents 15th-century manuscript produced in England. The work appears to have been completed by one scribe and is in a minuscule bastarda anglicana hand. The volume contains 115 'collationes', or sermons, which appear to be based on the Book of Wisdom, as well as short verses in Middle English. The work has been attributed to Robert Holcot, but this attribution cannot be substantiated. According to an inscription in the top margin of folio 4r, as well as the colophon on folio 108v, this...
Dates: 15th century.

15th-century manuscript of 'Le livre des meurs du gouvernement des seignieurs', a translation of the pseudo-Aristotelian 'Secretum secretorum'.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.7.4
Scope and Contents Manuscript produced in England containing a translation into French of the the Pseudo-Aristotelian 'Secretum Secretorum', or 'Secret of Secrets'. The Secret of Secrets is a translation of the Arabic 'Kitab sirr al-asrar', ostensibly a letter to Alexander the Great from Aristotle. The work is intended as a didactic piece in the 'Mirror for Princes' tradition and covers a range of topics including statecraft, alchemy, magic, astronomy, and ethics.The manuscript is the...
Dates: 15th century.

15th-century manuscript of the chartulary of Arbroath Abbey, known as the 'Registrum nigrum'.

Identifier: Adv.MS.34.4.3
Scope and Contents Chartulary produced in Scotland, known as the 'Registrum Nigrum' of the Tironensian Abbey of Arbroath. The work was compiled in the 15th century, probably the early part thereof, and is written in a variety of hands. The material in the manuscript covers the years 1288 to circa 1500, with the bulk of the material belonging to the later part of this time span. The manuscript is a register of leases, recording the administration of the lands, churches and tithes of the abbey. For a full list...
Dates: 15th century.

15th-century manuscript of the chartulary of Scone Abbey.

Identifier: Adv.MS.34.3.28
Scope and Contents Chartulary produced in Scotland containing documents relating to the Augustinian Abbey of Scone, covering the 12th to the 15th centuries. The chartulary is incomplete, but does contain copies of 148 royal, papal, episcopal and other charters and documents.The documents are written in a variety of hands which appear to be contemporary, or near-contemporary, with one another, with 29 lines to a page. Davis has dated the manuscript to the 15th and 16th centuries. Borland and Innes...
Dates: 15th century.

15th-century manuscript of the 'Filostrato' of Giovanni Boccaccio.

Identifier: Adv.MS.19.2.14
Scope and Contents Manuscript produced in Italy containing the 'Filostrato' of Giovanni Boccaccio, a poem on the loves of Troilus and Criseida in 713 stanzas of ottava rima. The manuscript is the work of one scribe, written in an Italian round hand by a Florentine scribe.The work itself is preceded by a paragaph explaining the meaning of the name 'Filostrato', followed by an introductory epistle to 'Phylomena'.The text is written with 4 stanzas to a page. The...
Dates: 2nd half of 15th century.

15th-century manuscript of the 'Jónsbók', containing the laws of Iceland.

Identifier: Adv.MS.21.8.3
Scope and Contents Manuscript, probably produced in Iceland, containing a set of Icelandic laws known as 'Jónsbók'. The manuscript has been dated to the 14th century by Thorkelin, and to the 15th century by Þorkelsson, specifically circa 1420-1460. Ólafur Halldórsson has dated the manuscript to circa 1450. Þorkelsson has also identified this manuscript as based on an older codex of the 'Jónsbók' due to the inclusion of Icelandic court orders of 1294, 1305, and 1314, with a distinct lack of orders...
Dates: 15th century.

15th-century manuscript of the 'Mirror of the Blessed Life of Jesus Christ', a translation by Nicholas Love of the Pseudo-Bonaventure 'Meditationes Vitae Christi'.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.1.7
Scope and Contents 15th-century manuscript produced in England, probably London. The volume contains the 'Myrrour of the Blessed Lyf of Jesu Christ', a translation by Nicholas Love, Prior of Mount Grace Charterhouse in Yorkshire, of the Pseudo-Bonaventure 'Meditationes vitae Christi'. The work dispenses meditative and doctrinal comment on scripture and is made up of 63 chapters in 7 sections, each representing a day of the week. The manuscript was produced for Edmund Grey, 4th Baron Grey of Ruthin,...
Dates: 1445 - 1465

15th-century manuscript of the 'Moralia in Job' of Pope Gregory I.

Identifier: Adv.MS.18.2.6
Scope and Contents Manuscript written in Scotland containing Books XXIII-XXXV of Pope Gregory I's 'Commentary on Job', also known as the 'Moralia, sive Expositio in Job', or the 'Magna Moralia'.The manuscript was written in the 15th century, before 1483, at which date it was donated to Dunkeld Cathedral. Watermark evidence also suggests a date of the latter half of the 15th century.The work is written in double columns on folios 1r-15v and in a single block of text from folios 16r-187r,...
Dates: 15th century, before 1483.

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Stevenson, Robert Louis Balfour, novelist, 1850–1894 40
Stevenson, Ronald J, composer and pianist, 1928-2015 36
Bruce, George Robert, poet and broadcaster, 1909-2002 32
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Haig, Douglas, 1st Earl Haig, 1861-1928 31
Saltire Society 31
Hogg, James, the Ettrick Shepherd (Scottish poet, novelist and essayist) 30
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Carlyle, Jane Baillie Welsh, poet and writer, née Welsh, 1801-1866 27
Hamilton, James Alexander Douglas-, Baron Selkirk of Douglas, solicitor and politician, b 1942 27
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National Library of Scotland 25
Smith, Sydney Goodsir, poet, playwright, 1915-1975 25
Muir, Edwin, poet, 1887-1959 24
Church of Scotland 23
Cockburn, Henry, Lord Cockburn, Senator of the College of Justice, 1779-1854 23
Mackenzie, Sir Edward Montague Anthony Compton, Knight, author, formerly Compton, 1883-1972 23
Young, Douglas Cuthbert Colquhoun, poet, 1913-1973 23
Balfour, James, Sir, 1st Baronet of Denmilne and Kinnaird (antiquary) 22
Glen, Duncan Munro, editor and author, 1933-2008 22
Cunningham, Allan, miscellaneous writer, 1784-1842 21
Primrose, Archibald Philip, 5th Earl of Rosebery (statesman) 21
Ewart, Gavin Buchanan, poet, 1916-1995 20
McLean, John David Ruari McDowall Hardie, typographer and author, 1917-2006 20
Morrison, David Ralston, Editor of 'Scotia Review', 1941-2012 20
Scottish National Party 20
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh 20
Graham, William Sydney, poet, 1918-1986 19
Henderson, Hamish, poet and folklorist, 1919-2002 19
Linklater, Eric Robert Russell, author, 1899-1974 19
Lockhart, John Gibson (biographer of Scott) 19
Mavor, Osborne Henry, playwright, pseudonym James Bridie, 1888-1951 19
Muir, Wilhelmina Johnston, née Anderson, author, pseudonym 'Agnes Neill Scott' , 1890-1970 19
Campbell, Thomas (poet) 18
Erskine, David Steuart, 11th Earl of Buchan (succ 1767), 1742-1829 18
Jeffrey, Francis, Lord Jeffrey, Senator of the College of Justice, 1773-1850 18
MacGill-Eain, Somhairle (poet) 18
Scottish Film Council (SFC) 18
Tranter, Nigel Godwin , author, 1909-2000 18
Turnbull, Gael Lundin, poet and physician, 1928-2004 18
Annand, James King, poet, 1908-1993 17
Graham, Robert Bontine Cunninghame (of Gartmore and Ardoch, author, formerly Bontine) (1852-1936) 17
Mary, Queen of Scots, 1542-1587 17
Morrison, Trevor, poet, d 2013 17
Scott, Thomas McLaughlin, poet and editor, 1918-1995 17
Scottish Mountaineering Club 17
Stuart, Charles, Baron Stuart de Rothesay, 1779-1845 17
Wilkie, Sir David, Knight, painter, 1785-1841 17
Brown, Hamish Macmillan (author and mountaineer) 16
MacCaig, Norman Alexander, poet, 1910-1996 16
Macgregor, Forbes, poet and teacher, 1904-1991 16
Sutherland, Robert Garioch, poet, pseudonym Robert Garioch, 1909-1981 16
Beattie, William, Librarian of the National Library of Scotland, 1903-1986 15
Gordon, Seton Paul, naturalist and author, 1886-1977 15
Hume, David, philosopher, 1711-1776 15
Raffalovich, Marc André, poet, 1864-1934 15
Scott, Francis George, composer, 1880-1958 15
Jamieson, Morley, Edinburgh, bookseller, fl 1940-1988 14
Oliphant, Margaret Oliphant Wilson, novelist and biographer, née Wilson, 1828-1897 14
Stuart, Charles Edward Louis Philip Casimir, Prince, 1720-1788 14
Ballantyne, James (printer) 13
Brown, John, author of "Rab" and physician 13
Douglas, family, of Cavers 13
Fowler, Alastair David Shaw, Regius Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature, University of Edinburgh, b 1930 13
MacDonald, James Ramsay, statesman, 1866-1937 13
Macleod, Joseph Todd Gordon, poet and radio announcer, pseudonym Adam Drinan, 1903–1984 13
Meacham, Gwendoline Emily, Scottish nationalist, pseudonym Wendy Wood, 1892-1981 13
Smith, Iain Crichton (poet and author) 13
Bold, Alan Norman (poet, writer, critic and artist) 12
John Murray (publishers, London) 12
Mackenzie, Henry, author of "The Man of Feeling", 1745-1831 12
White, Kenneth, poet and writer, b 1936 12
Wilson, John, author and journalist, pseudonym Christopher North, 1785-1854 12
Brewster, Sir David, Knight, natural philosopher and academic administrator, 1781–1868 11
Cameron, Sir David Young, Knight, painter and etcher, 1865-1945 11
Chambers, Robert (publisher and writer) 11
Fermor, Patrick Michael Leigh, Sir, knight (travel writer and soldier) 11
Hay, George Campbell, poet, 1915-1984 11
James I, King of Great Britain and Ireland, 1566-1625 11
Mitchell, James Leslie, author, pseudonym Lewis Grassic Gibbon, 1901-1935 11
Morgan, Edwin George, Professor of English, University of Glasgow, and poet, 1920-2010 11
Paton, Sir Joseph Nöel, Knight, painter, 1821-1901 11
Blackie, John Stuart, Professor of Greek, University of Edinburgh, 1809-1895 10
Boswell, James, of Auchinleck, author, 1740–1795 10
Byron, George Gordon, 6th Baron Byron (afterwards Noel, poet, known as 'Lord Byron') (1788-1824) 10
Church of Scotland, Foreign Missions Board 10
Edinburgh International Festival 10
Fraser, George Sutherland, poet and critic, 1915-1980 10
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